30 March 2010

Vest Obsession

Vests are just amazing for women. It helps her add dimensions to her look. Whether she wants herself to look casual or formal, or even classic, curvy waist line, or sexy vest could be a good option.

Vest helps to accentuate her hip line, to get that curve. Certain cuts or patterns of waist coats help accentuate bust other than waist.

Many women are unsure how to team their waistcoat. Actually, you can pair it in many ways. For a casual look, team it with floral tunics, tees of varying lengths, frocks, tanks, caftans, and jeans. If you have a dress which is straight without any curves, then help yourself with waistcoat, it will do wonders in accentuating your curves or even create one. A low neck waist coat will accentuate your bust, and will get you a sexy look, not good for women with heavy bust.

To get that formal look just pair it with your everyday office wear like skirts, tunics, with knee length skirts, pants, pencil skirts.

To get that classic look, pair it with silk shirts with interesting sleeves like puff, long, short, elbow length sleeves(just name it), cuffs and collars.

There are interesting vests being introduced in the market, like floral print vests to welcome spring, satin back materials like different shades and materials from front are just classic, denim, vests with varying hemline, neckline and sleeve line lenghts.

Interesting back necklines are being created by today’s designers, just experiment with them; it will help you look stylish.

Recently I got so obsessed with vests, that I created one, take a look at it (let me know your feedback) soon I am planning to start a clothing collection exclusive for vests.

Vests are just amazing to wear, it is also in this season so what are you waiting for, just go shop some.


The Zhush said...

Obsessed with the vest as well! Love what you wrote and completely agree!

Dipika said...

glad you liked it...thanks