29 June 2014

Identity designing

Since I started my career, I am into logo designing. The first one I made was completely hand sketched which was scanned and used. It was a good start I should say, I enjoy doing logos, especially flat ones and one with lots of brushes and layers. The beauty in them is the concept, that we are portraying through simple and mostly singular objects, characters, things, or whatever you say. Pretty challenging as it sounds, and so is interesting. Here are some of the ones I have been doing so far, some of them haven't been used, some of them did. Hope the name suggests the expression in the illustration.

26 June 2014

What are you staring at...

What are you staring at
What are you staring at?

From now on I am taking an oath to not come up with any post without an illustration or design of mine. So here is a funny illustration with the caption "What are you staring at?". Owls are always intriguing creatures, this illustration of them so serious has good humor in them I guess. So this is not an attitude kind of a say just relate it to the illustration, and you can have some laugh, I know you will.

And it's getting dark, so don't stare much like these friends here, have a happy sleep.

24 June 2014

Being an Illustrator

I always loved doing illustrations. Now let me share some of my works I started with my illustrating journey. This was based on Indian and Western women to be portrayed in the apparels. But somehow unfortunately they haven't been produced, a good addition to my portfolio though :) 

Whisper in the wind-2010

This was when I started to learn more of adobe illustrator. I did explore a lot and even created my own brushes. A fun turning point where I started loving illustrations more than apparels and started doing more of it.


Love for illustrations will never die :)

21 June 2014

Back on track

Hello, I guess it's high time I have been off duty from blogging, busy with work, life and everything, which makes me realize I missed blogging. Hope to have no more off duty in the future. So, I have been thinking of sharing my career experience so far, interesting projects I worked for, twists and turns of becoming an illustrator, editor, graphic designer and especially shoe designer from a basic fashion designer. Will share the unseen works of mine too. Hope to light up and make it more interesting.


19 October 2012

Fall Spring 2013 jewellery trend report

Bangles, cuff, bracelets mostly to be expected in metallic, gold , sterling silver ornamented with emerald and turquoise stones. And futuristic transparent Cuffs made of onyx and clear acrylic coral composite. Colorful tribal bangles made of wood. They are all supposed to be stacked tastefully.

Oxidized sterling silver and gold long chains are much expected for those style divas. Chains with big roses and large unusual shaped pendants are to be expected in the market.

Gold and silver neck plates, with colorful enamel tribal art accessorized with colorful feathers. They are also expected with laces, nets, tanned leather, big roses.

Pretty pale greens and blues of Apple Chalcedony, sea glass and crystal color palette is much expected in all kinds of accessories. Which are expected to flatter the glowing sun tanned summer skin

Basket weave jewellery'ss like chains, cuffs, and belts are much expected for those who like to experiment. And gemstone earring which are transparent and reflect that mild light of spring in those beautiful sun kissed skins

The stunner and most expected gold finger rings that cover the whole hand are most awaited for most out there.

Finally the jewellery's with 3D patterns and skulls are also expected for those who like futuristic looks.

29 August 2012

After Apple Picking, freedom to run or play around

Did this illustration for kids tees. Back in my school days, one of my English teacher narrates our poems, or stories beautifully, that would normally make me sketch what I see through her. 

This is one such illustration inspired from a poem based on apple picking. My love for apple orchards, beautiful red ripe shiny apples, those rustic ladders, barrels...God it would be heaven to be in one such place.
Just Goggled for the poem and it is After Apple Picking by Robert Frost. This illustration is to Robert frost and my English teacher

21 August 2012

Pumps it is

Pumps has always been in fashion, be it summer, or winter, be it you wanna look fun, formal, casual, or sophisticated. Pumps will always be there to work the magic for you.

Plenty of option's there in the market nowadays, pairing it up with the right outfit is where the trick involves. Pointed toes to give that sexy look, peep toes for summer,  or platform pumps for frocks, so does pumps with bows, nude pumps anywhere. Heels depending on your comfort :)

my first illustration done with wacom bamboo...