15 June 2015

Wish for Education-A Whimsical Journey

My design journey with The Unity Closet a beautiful venture is being continued. I am so glad to be a part of the social cause education. 

Why education, "I feel Education for youth strongly correlates to a world that is peaceful and happy." In accordance with this, let me share my design for "The unity closet", 

The artwork features floating books in the sky liberating knowledge and wisdom in our world

If you take a closer look into the illustration, you will find a beautiful world with “Freedom of Education” in nature itself. Where dandelions made of books liberate papers as information into beautiful origami birds that spread education all over. Hoping for a world with education in its very own nature.

Let's support education by shopping scarves made for education so that we could raise approximately $30,000 to fund the construction of a school in the outskirts of Nepal through buildOn.

05 September 2014

The unity closet

As The unity closet proudly says, "We offer socially empowered designers around the globe a platform to bring their vision to life." The Unity Closet promotes fashion with a purpose. They are trying to bring together the world’s most promising artists who are passionate about designing. 

Each artist utilizes the featured product – the silk scarf – to convey a social problem plaguing the world today. The most inspiring fact about this organization is, all the profits from these products are donated to relevant charitable groups. The person behind this thoughtful organization is the founder Ashika Kalra, her idea is going to bring beautiful change in the global environment, food for the starving, education for everyone, protection for women, water for the thirsty.

For example, All profits from the "A Splash of Hope Scarf," by Dyana Wing So through Surge for Water will provide up to 1 year of safe drinking water for at least 10 children in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America, how wonderful is that to hear, a creation with meaningful purpose. 

“Trees of Knowledge” scarf features an eclectic mix of earthy green tones and motivational phrases to inspire the student in you. All artwork is digitally conceptualized by South African artist Dianne Bohler in 100% Pure Silk with rolled hems. All profits from this scarf will go to Books For Africa.

There are beautiful other scarfs done by Anna Moss, Drashti GehlotFrancoise Jeanne de Villiers will be posted soon, as I get updates Chazz Griffen who is doing a marvelous job in marketing.



Like minded people are most welcome to our team.

04 August 2014

Adobe illustrator being spoken

"As you think it you create it"
Women-one of my creations for a clothing line long back (the starting stages when I was learning adobe illustrator)

I feel the same way it is just a magical tool for an illustrator or designer like me. I just love it, I mean it is like a home when it comes to designing. This is an awesome video for me to learn about adobe illustrator the people behind it, they are all getting into my inspirational artist list. Especially their sense of humor is just great, beautiful artists.

All these days I have seen so many videos, tutorials on adobe illustrator by artists of my generations, but the first time to see previous generation speak about it and the way they share how they created, it just makes me more than happier. It's great to see artists who have been there during the xerox technology times, been involved with adobe illustrator for a long time, and to hear their thoughts, experiences it is very inspirational. Everyone who is involved in designing and use adobe illustrator must watch this.

24 July 2014

Deep down the ocean

This is a scarf illustration I made for a contest, Much inspired from Madhubani art and Ponyo on the cliff by the sea by  Hayao Miyazaki. A beautiful movie with gorgeous illustration. It is always fun to work on illustrations which is inspired by characters and art

29 June 2014

Identity designing

Since I started my career, I am into logo designing. The first one I made was completely hand sketched which was scanned and used. It was a good start I should say, I enjoy doing logos, especially flat ones and one with lots of brushes and layers. The beauty in them is the concept, that we are portraying through simple and mostly singular objects, characters, things, or whatever you say. Pretty challenging as it sounds, and so is interesting. Here are some of the ones I have been doing so far, some of them haven't been used, some of them did. Hope the name suggests the expression in the illustration.

26 June 2014

What are you staring at...

What are you staring at
What are you staring at?

From now on I am taking an oath to not come up with any post without an illustration or design of mine. So here is a funny illustration with the caption "What are you staring at?". Owls are always intriguing creatures, this illustration of them so serious has good humor in them I guess. So this is not an attitude kind of a say just relate it to the illustration, and you can have some laugh, I know you will.

And it's getting dark, so don't stare much like these friends here, have a happy sleep.

24 June 2014

Being an Illustrator

I always loved doing illustrations. Now let me share some of my works I started with my illustrating journey. This was based on Indian and Western women to be portrayed in the apparels. But somehow unfortunately they haven't been produced, a good addition to my portfolio though :) 

Whisper in the wind-2010

This was when I started to learn more of adobe illustrator. I did explore a lot and even created my own brushes. A fun turning point where I started loving illustrations more than apparels and started doing more of it.


Love for illustrations will never die :)