15 September 2010

Some Buyers Will, Some Buyers Wont - a book by Renato Grant

"Some Buyers Will, Some Buyers Won’t, An insight into fashion buyers, showrooms & ramp; all in between,"as the book says in its front page.

Recently I came to know about this book and luckily happened to read it. 

Being a fashion designer, who studied much more technical stuff about textiles; its industries...I never ever happened to get the insight of the world wide fashion, which I have always been interested in. Since I am working on my brand which is yet to be launched, I have been posting articles, threads, discussions in many popular social networks to understand fashion in reality.

Renato’s, book is a beautiful narration of his professional career in fashion, which is going to help many young designers, sales agents, buyers, merchandisers,...many out there to enhance their knowledge in fashion. 

Thank you Renato, I had a great reading experience. God bless you.

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