01 March 2011

Layer it

Yes, just layer whatever you want and whatever you like. Layers in your apparels, layers in your hair style , your accessories, and it is something which will always stay as a style quotient. Vibrant colors and silhouettes can be layered, to get that funky look. Or some like to layer similar shades which would make it stylish  and fun too.

Layering would be something perfect for a chilly weather. You can pick up an already layered frock, tunic, or a top just like the one I have designed earlier,

You can also pick up your favorite tunics, tops, vests, and many others you like and mix them up as you want. It is always fun to mix them up and wear them, you will get that joy while you wear it. 

When it comes to hair style, layering would be something fun as similar to layering your clothes. It will make you feel younger and more stylish.

So when you next end up before your closet confused what to wear while it is quite cold out there, then just pick up whatever you like and just layer them and enjoy your day.

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