04 August 2014

Adobe illustrator being spoken

"As you think it you create it"
Women-one of my creations for a clothing line long back (the starting stages when I was learning adobe illustrator)

I feel the same way it is just a magical tool for an illustrator or designer like me. I just love it, I mean it is like a home when it comes to designing. This is an awesome video for me to learn about adobe illustrator the people behind it, they are all getting into my inspirational artist list. Especially their sense of humor is just great, beautiful artists.

All these days I have seen so many videos, tutorials on adobe illustrator by artists of my generations, but the first time to see previous generation speak about it and the way they share how they created, it just makes me more than happier. It's great to see artists who have been there during the xerox technology times, been involved with adobe illustrator for a long time, and to hear their thoughts, experiences it is very inspirational. Everyone who is involved in designing and use adobe illustrator must watch this.

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