20 June 2011

World as their canvas

My latest obsession Graffiti. The Graffiti artists proudly say "We declare the world as our canvas". Now that is somethingelse right, a really confident spirit and attitude.

Graffiti has always been my inspiration while I get any design project. Not just inspirational but it is so fun to watch them and work on something related to them. It must be really helping the artists to get visibility to their art. Apart from advertising products through street art, the artists advertise themselves through them.

Recently in my hometown, Coimbatore, we happened to have a get-together celebrating our mother tongue tamil. To make it interesting, they got some of the artists to paint some interesting happenings in the tamil history.

courtesy : sharanya dhilip

It takes special skills and talent to do them. Art in big scale which is proportionality structured to bring the exact look is quiet difficult. But, i guess it must be absolutely fun to do, thats what is keeps them driving and spirited. Must try this in one of my houses walls.

Creating illusion with graffiti in walls and floors are really cool to watch and feel. It is almost found in all the countries. The website below covers cool graffiti works in many countries.

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