29 November 2011

Comics-The art of story telling

"The potential of comics is limitless and exciting!" writes McCloud.
It is an art of words and illustrations put together to narrate a story and is my latest inspiration.

The cartoon illustrations are beautifully depicted in a sequence to bring a scene of the story that is being narrated. The fonts in a word is also illustrated in cartoon, so that it blends in with the scene. I love the way a character is being introduced and highlighted in a comic strip. Especially, the side effects in the action sequences of the comics heroes.

Comics are not just a visual treat but also a treat for the ears with sound and noise illustrations happening in the scene like boom, crack, splash, dishum, etc.,J. A very strategic layout helps to get a flow into the story.

Comic books kept a leg in all geners of stories like crime, thriller, romance, historical, epic, war, kid stuff and teenage stuff and etc., Every genre has heroes, and it is really interesting how Super heroes are created through comics and how the readers get an insight into minute details about the super hero, and even the villains of the story.

The movie directors find it really difficult to recreate it in films and satisfy the hardcore comic book fans. That shows how much involvement they get from readers and that is because of the passion the cartoonist or as the chinese and japenese call them as manga artists have for their work.

These are a form of art to be inspired from and used in clothing to make them fun to wear :)

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