24 December 2011

How will it be to have a Life as Animation

Around two weeks back I tweeted, “feel so complete watchin cartoons... I wish what i see around me is cartoon too...

It has been an urge to watch lots of animation movies and think of doing something animation too.

I have always been very happy and loved every moment of my career in fashion and designing.

But recently I got so much interested and involved in animation that I guess, I should also start animation along with fashion designing. May be because of the Inspirations I get from Hayao Miyazaki, Tim burton, and so many other cartoonists and manga artists. And my brother is responsible for this, by keep on supplying me with awesome animation movies :)

One day I wish to go on internship with Hayao miyazaki.


The PvdH Journal said...

I am an illustrator and designer as well and you have got some great stuff!

Funny enough I actually had an overdose of animated movies this Christmas! I revisited some Disney classics as well :)



Dipika Lakshmi said...

Hi PvdH,

Nice to hear that you had a fun christmas watching animated movies, happy new year to you.

It is nice to have your presence in my blog.
Your illustrations are great. Thanks.

Dipika Lakshmi said...

Glad you liked the post dusk drizzle... :)