20 December 2011

How'ls moving castle

It is been travelling time for me for the past 6 months, been travelling quiet frequently to certain places, and was happened to explore lot of stuff on the way and on the cities I visited, especially happened to visit some very vintage temples near trichy, they were just breath taking, the way they have build it with so much of art, sculptures, it was very helpful for my design works that I got so much of inspirations.

One such thing I noticed which was something really unusual on my way to trichy was the howls moving castle, oh this is what I felt like when I saw it, but it was an awesome cement factory and I was so excited to watch one of my favorite characters, howl's moving castle in reality.

I am not sure whether any other lovers of howls moving castle could relate it, so thought will share it here.

My city outskirts has always been full of industries, they are so interesting to watch, huge unusual shapes, all rusted up walls and chimneys. I have always fascinated to watch them, really wanted to use them in my works some day.

And, here is the castle, :)

Here is a look at the original Hayao miyazaki's Howls moving castle,