15 June 2015

Wish for Education-A Whimsical Journey

My design journey with The Unity Closet a beautiful venture is being continued. I am so glad to be a part of the social cause education. 

Why education, "I feel Education for youth strongly correlates to a world that is peaceful and happy." In accordance with this, let me share my design for "The unity closet", 

The artwork features floating books in the sky liberating knowledge and wisdom in our world

If you take a closer look into the illustration, you will find a beautiful world with “Freedom of Education” in nature itself. Where dandelions made of books liberate papers as information into beautiful origami birds that spread education all over. Hoping for a world with education in its very own nature.

Let's support education by shopping scarves made for education so that we could raise approximately $30,000 to fund the construction of a school in the outskirts of Nepal through buildOn.

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